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Participatory Budget

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The Participatory Budget is an instrument of participatory democracy, enhancer of dialog and promoter of debate among the citizens – from 16 years of age, natural and/or residents in the municipality of Águeda, as well as those who study here –, so they may claim their space for the continuous improvement of their streets, villages, cities, civil parishes, that is, their communities.

Orçamento Participativo de Águeda

It appeared in 2015, as a process encompassing the entire municipal activity, and taking in the whole experience of administrative modernisation. It is organised in two cycles, with the duration of one year each: the cycle the budget definition and the cycle of budget execution.

PB-Agueda has a municipal scope, of the deliberative type; focused on multi-channel (online and face-to-face) and interactive methodologies, reflective and inclusive.

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