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5 November 2014

Does The Concentration Of Population In Towns Make Them More Intelligent?

by 22

The number of people living in towns and cities has been increasing considerably. If in the 18th Century only 5% of the population lived in towns, and by 1950 that figure had risen to 50%, it is expected that in 2050, 85% of the population will live in towns. Therefore, towns need to adapt and prepare themselves for that population growth so that urban living does not bring structural and organizational problems.

So towns must develop mechanisms so that everyone can live in a sustainable and organized way there. Firms, universities and individuals have developed numerous projects on this subject, with solutions connected to health, quality of life, education, energy, lighting and many other areas.

The main characteristic making one town more intelligent than another is not measurable. However, the resident’s inclusion in making these decisions and existing experiences is the essential focus. The resident no longer merely lives in the town, but becomes part of a set of data and analyses that are essential for its improved development.

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