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12 November 2014

Monitoring And Management Of Consumption In Council Installations

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Águeda Local Authority began monitoring and management in real time of electricity, water and natural gas consumption in its buildings at the beginning of 2014.

The system installed is formed of an intelligent water meter which allows concentration of information from the water and natural gas meters in the same building. This intelligent meter is also responsible for monitoring electricity consumption, through temporary data storage and for communicating to a computer application that shows consumption (electricity, water and natural gas) in each building equipped with this system, at pre-determined intervals.

Since its installation, this system has allowed detection of leaks and breakdowns leading to consumption which otherwise would be difficult to detect and which increased the Council’s monthly bill.

Another advantage of the system installed is optimization of supply contracts, as it shows the real needs of each building, such as the level of electrical power contracted, water supply capacity or adjustments to the tariff of the natural gas supply contract.

This system is the first step towards the council having complete knowledge of consumption in its buildings, detecting anomalies or deviations quickly and effectively.

The path to efficient management is through having complete knowledge, so that the choices made are the most appropriate for the situation and for saving resources.

Buildings and Premises in Águeda with Consumption Management:

Local Authority Headquarters;

Municipal Library;

Municipal Swimming Pools;

Municipal Stadium;

• Borralha School;

• Fernando Caldeira School;

• EB 2,3 Aguada de Cima School;

EB 2, 3 Fermentelos School;

Fermentelos School Centre;

Barrô School Centre;

Chãs School;

Public Lighting PT N.o 17, Valongo do Vouga;

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