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3 November 2014

Renewable Energy Production

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Águeda Local Authority installed 9 units of electricity production using photovoltaic technology in 9 buildings in 2010. This investment made by the Local Authority allowed production of 214.370kWh of electricity from 2010 to October 2014, sufficient to supply 43 dwellings for 1 year.

Greenhouse gas emission of 77.173,20 kgCO2 was avoided, in this way contributing to conserving the environment without energy needs being called into question.

Of the 9 installations producing electricity, 8 are integrated in the system of monitoring and management of Águeda Local Authority’s consumption, and inclusion of another installation is forecast for the near future, making it possible to accompany each unit’s production on a daily basis, thereby ensuring that any breakdown is detected and quickly put right so that as much electricity as possible is produced.

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