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11 July 2014

Internet of Things

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The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) – or Internet of the Future – is based on the view that countless physical objects can be connected to the Internet and communicate with systems and other objects. This simple concept in itself contains various challenges, such as semantic interoperability, service management and the enormous volume of data potentially produced.

This challenge has led to numrerous approaches in terms of service platforms and architectures and has been subject to an equally large number of research projects. We cannot fail to mention the projects in the scope of FI-PPP, namely FI-WARE or Open IoT, currently underway.

Focusing on solutions, projects usually try to solve failings in middleware for communication with sensors/activators and with sensor networks, in developing ontology or other semantic models to allow representation and communication with objects, in Open Data techniques (namely Open Linked Data) and in problems related to storage and processing of large volumes of information, especially in real time.

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