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5 November 2014

PDM-IE: Municipal Plan For Outside Lighting

by 24

The PDM-IE is a normative document aiming to provide Águeda Local Authority with strategies for effective and efficient street lighting. In this connection, the PDM-IE contemplates various studies concerning road priority, ground use, lighting records and other matters, in order to understand the council’s different lighting requirements and adapt lighting accordingly.

In the past, lighting was homogeneous for the different areas of the Local Authority, with this being insufficient in some cases and excessive in others. Besides, never before was the possibility considered of attributing different levels of lighting at times of little or no movement, meaning that the costs of public lighting were extremely high.

As well as the efficiency factor, the PDM-IE also motivates the creation of different lighting atmospheres according to the areas they are applied to, so as to give more life to the town at night, making historical, cultural or commercial areas more attractive, allowing the economic growth of commercial activities taking place at this time of day.

The PDM-IE is therefore a document centred on energy sustainability, aiming for correct levels of lighting at night, promoting responsible and effective development.

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